Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stockholm : Like a pearl in the sea

Maybe one of the not-so-hot destinations in Europe, and an amazing find - Stockholm!! We went there in the start of winter 2006,
expecting it to be very cold (we just found cheapest tickets to this place and decided to go there) and were pleasantly surprised to find the weather pleasant, and the days pretty long too!

The city is made up of islands, with waterways in between. The old city is on a small island, surrounded by water. It houses many museums, and the palace (which we did not get to see!). Its great to just walk around the city, pretty views of houses next to the sea, the canals, and no people on the road!!

They have a floating restaurant too, is great to have hot chocolate there, as long as the weather is pleasant, that is!

There are a couple of cruises which start from the center of the city, and take you around the archipelago, from days long cruises, to just dinner on the ferry and back. A good trip to go on would be one with live music playing on-board. The people on the cruise though are all old couples, having a nice evening out. Its nice to see them all dance, and the music is English as well as Swedish. The sky is clearer here though while on the cruise, the food for vegetarians is non-existent though!

The cruise may also stop at an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere where they dock and then play the music under the moonlight.. fascinating....

The waterways also offer some watersports, like hiring a boat and taking off to the islands (you need a valid license for that though!) We just chose to do some kayaking. Here is a pic of my friends trying to kayak. They failed badly though:))


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