Sunday, September 9, 2012

The sights and scents of being back home!

Four days back, I landed in London.. Back to a place I consider my second home. It was an amazing feeling. You are back to a place in your past and you feel you had never ever left!

The streets are the same, the shops are the same, the sights and feel is the same. You experience again, all those things you loved (and hated) about the city. The British accent, the formality in the people, the walking around, the fresh air, the pretty buildings everywhere you go, the crowds at Oxford Street and the idling of Hyde Park. Its all still there! And yes it makes you feel happy that some things are still the same...

What a welcome it was.. London has had an amazing sunny and warm last few days.. Loved every minute of it! Of reliving those times.. again..


  1. being back in Singapore after 4+ years, can completely relate to your feel you havent been away at all and quite at ease :-)

  2. glad to know its been the same for you :)
    but for you I guess Mumbai was like home too:)))

  3. definitely...Mumbai right from the day I landed here for my summers in 2004 has felt like home despite the traffic, crowds and lack of infra :-)