Monday, May 28, 2012

Around Durham: Wrightsville Beach and Jordan Lake

We spent some time in Durham this year and now have got an idea about stuff to do nearby. It looked initially that there is not that much to do but slowly we found out, there is enough for a couple of weeks!

North Carolina is a nature state with lush green forests, beaches and lots of lakes around. So all the places worth visiting are nature-based. We visited two places nearby, both were day trips and fun.


Wrightsville beach is located in the town of Wilmington and about 2.5 hours away from Durham along the I-40. The beach is on a long and narrow island which is connected via bridges to the main land. The whole length of the island on one side is a beach, open to the sea and the other side of the island is the place to moor the boats and enjoy some water sports. There are lots of vacation rentals also all along the island, and by how full it was, looks like its a very popular beach!

We spent some time on the beach, swimming and enjoying the sun and waves. The beach was very very windy when we went though, not sure if its always like this or just this one time. Anyways, there were plenty of waves to body surf, and lot of real surfers around too. There were very strong undercurrents though, so you had to be a lot more careful. But a lovely beach nonetheless.

We went to a restaurant on the beach too, the Oceanic. It had very tasty sea-food at reasonable prices, glassed seating with an overview of the beach and an open air musical performance being given live. And the food was yum!! I would say a definite eat if you visit the beach!


Jordan lake is about an hour or so drive from Durham, and its a huge lake! Wasn't at all what we expected, much better than that in fact! Its got an artificial sandy beach where tourists can enjoy the sun. You can also swim in the lake as its quite calm waters. 

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