Thursday, November 18, 2010

Duke University and Durham

Durham in North Carolina is the seat of the Duke University. Its quite a cute little town, like most small US towns I guess. The landscape is well crafted, with green forests and lakes and waterbodies in between, dotted with small towns very close to each other.
Durham downtown is small. We went to a mall complex as well as the mills converted to pubs and restaurants. Quite a relaxed chill environment. And there is sooo much space everywhere! Between buildings, and shops.. Everything feels so grand and spacey. Coming from Bombay, it does mean a lot:).
I also visited the Duke University in Durham and what a breathtaking
place it is to study! With woods all around and nature trails within the university to spend time in. The student halls are built in stone, typical European style. The university chapel is a pretty picture as are the stadiums in the campus.

Am just posting some photos. Quite an old-style inspired university, must be a pleasure to study in:).

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